Game Gear replacement mainboard 315-5535 v1.3

This is a brand-new manufactured replacement mainboard for your Sega Game Gear, using all new components. This board makes it possible to repair your VA1 model Game Gear which suffers from PCB damage caused by leaking capacitors or batteries.


Please watch the video from Macho Nacho, he goes over all details of this board:


The board has been reverse engineered from a Sega Game Gear VA1 model, better known as the single ASIC variant. Since I am not able to source new ASIC chips, cartridge connectors and expansion port connections, you need to supply these parts from one of your broken boards. Currently I do not have enough supply to provide you a fully assembled board!


TV-tuner is not supported - this is limited due to the current available LCD kits.


Installation is done at your own risk. I do not take responsibility for damage resulting from installation. Experienced soldering skill is needed – do no buy this kit if you do not know how to solder fine pitch SMD chips.


Before installation, please join the BennVenn discord via and look for the #game-gear-mainboard-kit channel!


Recommended tools are:

  • Soldering iron with 1-1.5mm chisel tip
  • Hot air rework station
  • Desoldering gun or pump
  • Flux
  • IPA
  • Multimeter and/or oscilloscope


This is a loose PCB that includes

  • Mainboard v1.3 - BOM available here
  • Soundboard v.12 - BOM available here
  • LiPo power baord v2.0 - BOM available here


Note: no parts are included - I will also not provide part kits. Please buy an assembled board if you do not want to source your own parts.

Game Gear Mainboard 315-5535 v1.3 - loose board

€ 25,00Price